Hi my name is Armand Douroux and this is my Cold Shrimp Salad recipe try it and let me know what you think of it.

If you have a recipe you are proud of, please send it on in and if selected I will gladly share it.

Good luck!



 3 lbs shrimp(boiled,peeled,chopped)large pieces

4 boiled eggs chopped

 1 lbs large elbow noddles

 4 oz. mayo

 t bl. horse radish

 ½ cup creole chopped seasoning mix (onion, celery, bell pepper, parsley)

 ¼ cup green onion

 6 bay leaves

 6 oz liquid crab boil with lemon

 2 clove garlic

 1 large onion halved

boil, strain noodles, place in large mixing bowl

 add 1 ½ gal of water to stock pot bring to full boil

 add boil ingredients bay leaves, liquid crab boil,splash of olive oil,

garlic, onion bring to boil

 when garlic soften add shrimp return to boil for 3 minutes

 then add some ice to cool the water

let soak 3 minutes checking to make sure they don't over

 cook, it makes them hard to peel, stain n let cool, peel,


now stir in all salad ingredients in the large bowl with noddles, stirring to completely mixed

 tasting and seasoning to your taste... let chill for 2 hr. or more allowing flavors to marry

 but 1 should have a tasters bowl