Hi my name is Armand Douroux and this is my bacon wrap grilled oyster recipe try it and let me know what you think of it.

If you have a recipe you are proud of, please send it on in and if selected I will gladly share it.

Good luck!



oyster 1 qt

lbs bacon 

stick butter (salted)

2 tbl minced garlic


tooth picks

meshed grill top or perforated grill top

start by cooking the bacon a little more then half way

 2 reasons it will be easier to wrap and skewer the bacon, the other is to reduce grease fire flare ups

 tooth picks should be soaking in water

 in small pot, melt 1 stick of butter along 2 tbl of minced garlic

after oyster are wrapped and skewer placed on meshed grill in rows allowing space to be roll over

once in place, over a low to medium grill heat, base with butter and garlic sauce. when basting start at top row working your way down.

now about that beer, take a sip if you so desire, but plan on using the rest to put fires out.

by the way, beer is not only a better fire extinguisher on grease fires than water it also enhance the flavor         enjoy