New Orleans Photos

New Orleans Pictures of Musicians


The rich and varied culture of New Orleans provides ample inspiration for photographers and artists, and many different subjects are popular choices for New Orleans photos.  Many New Orleans pictures are inspired by New Orleans music and musicians.  Uniformed brass bands with their iconic coordinating hats and gleaming instruments are a popular choice for photographers and artists.  Images of New Orleans musicians are also a popular choice for the posters commemorating annual music festivals such as Jazz Fest and French Quarter Fest.


New Orleans Pictures of Mardi Gras Indians


Mardi Gras indian tribes work all year to create beautiful and elaborate suits, decorated with custom beading, intricate tribe insignia, and brightly colored ostrich plumes of all sizes.  Similarly, each year New Orleans photographers, professional, local, and tourist alike, vie to capture the best images of the pageantry of the New Orleans Mardi Gras indian tribes.  Images captured by these photographers of the often secretive Indian community are very popular, capturing the beautiful handiwork of the Indian suits as well as a little slice of New Orleans culture.


New Orleans Pictures of the French Quarter


The scenic and historic vistas of the French Quarter have made for some of the most beautiful New Orleans photos.  The classic Spanish architecture, including the famous lacey wrought iron balconies and fences, is a popular subject.  Another popular image of New Orleans is the view of Jackson Square, featuring the large park, the statue of Andrew Jackson, and the Saint Louis Cathedral in the background.  Also part of the vista of Jackson Square are the many artists, street performers,and brass bands who gather there to sell their work and perform for both locals and tourists.  Finally, the Mississippi River, including the Crescent City Connection and the iconic Moonwalk is a very popular subject for New Orleans pictures.  The busy river traffic features commercial ships, tugboats, steamboats, paddlewheelers, and ferries, along with abundant animal life and a wide cross-section of humanity, making the New Orleans riverfront a popular and rich subject for photographs and paintings.  


New Orleans Photos of Food and Drinks


Another popular subject for New Orleans photos is New Orleans’ rich culinary heritage.  The abundant seafood of South Louisiana has created a mouth-watering local cuisine, and popular subjects include crawfish boils and all their accompaniments, delicate and plump raw oysters with their beautiful shells, seafood poboys overflowing with fried oysters, shrimp, or crawfish, and falling-apart roast beef debris poboys with rich gravy.  Many famous restaurants are also popular subjects for New Orleans pictures, including the aqua facade of Commander’s Palace, the neon pink flowered logo of Camellia Grill, and the mirrored and tiled dining room of Galatoires.